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Vandermeeren Interieur is the fastest growing medium enterprise in West-Flanders and is ranked among the Trends Gazellen 2015. Obviously, this would have been impossible without the confidence and support of our customers, partners and employees. Thank you very much for your cooperation and dedication! As for the future, together we shall keep on striving to make each house a home, regardless of taste, comfort desire and budget.

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Also during the sales you can count on us for thought out comfort and professional advice. Choose from a huge range of tables and chairs, cosy and comfortable seats... Everything to make from your house a home. Click here for more information.


15% of sales on Auping

The winter months are the time to create a comfortable and cosy bedroom. Whatever you're looking for, Vandermeeren interiors always has a nice bed, a soothing mattress or the perfect box spring that fit in your bedroom. Take advantage of 15% EXTRA sales on the whole AUPING gamma and sleep even better this winter!

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Vandermeeren Interieur
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